10 mistakes to avoid when creating your mobile apps

Creating your mobile applications is a binding decision to the extent that this media will become an essential component of your communication. We list below the ten main mistakes to avoid when you start creating your mobile applications

Unclearobjectives. The launch of mobile applications can be broken on very diverse topics and services. Some generic features can be « off the shelf « , more complex functions will require tailor-made developments. The costs are very different and deadlines are obviously much longer for custom-made. It is essential to set a realistic goal and consistent with the amount you want to invest.

Choosing the wrong developer. Many companies claim they are experts in mobile applications development. What is it really? Ask to see examples of projects in order to assess the actual expertise of your provider

Redevelop features which already exist. Several solutions offer a wide variety of optional services. It makes no sense to re-develop complex functionalities for months while they are probably readily available on application creation platforms -such as this one

Choose the wrong application configurator. Read carefully what the configurator you are looking at has to offer. Does it deliver native apps or simply mobile internet site mistakenly called « mobile applications » ?Will they create your custom designs? Are the applications fully dynamic (constantly updatable) or is it just static pages? Can the applications be driven from a unified platform or will you need to create dozens of accounts on separated content management systems? Will your applications work with and without access to the network? …

Choosing a provider who won’t publish your applications. You can submitapps by yourself provided you have developer accountswith Apple, Google, Windows Mobile etc. The publication process can take up to several months if you do not have expert resources to rely upon. Therefore be cautious vis-à-vis those who only help you create and will let you down once it comes to submitting.

Being bound by an indefinite commitment. Some publishers –such as Wiki-Apps – will transfer the ownership of your applications upon a simple request to the editor of your choice. Others do not offer such flexibility and will compel you to stay or lose your mobile audience to start from 0 on the day you want to go. Be cautious.

Being locked into a failure pattern. Your service provider holds you up for several months to deliver features which seem simple? It may be better to take a new start with a new solution rather than lock yourself in a costlyscheme that will delay you several months if not years.If it works one day.

Picking a solution too complex to be administered by yourself. Ensure the solution you pick is user friendly so that you and your colleagues have no problem to manage and update the content and services. Otherwise, you can expect a painfulinvoice for each time you will request changes from your provider.

Excluding large plateforms. There is no sense today, given the distribution of the smartphone market, to develop under one operating system only. Apple and Android shareroughly 70 % of the market, Windows Mobile is close to 15 %. Your presence on these three platforms is desirable, unless you target only marginal distribution to a very specific audience.

Being frightened by this technology. Create a mobile application has now become extremely simple and is done on platforms like this in a few minutes. Getstarted !

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