The 12 reasons why you absolutely need to create your own mobile app

You communicate today extensively on several media. Traditional media, website, Facebook account, Twitter, LinkedIn. One can reasonably ask whether it is necessary to add mobile as an additional media. Answer? Yes of course. The top ten reasons why your mobile apps are a must have are below:

–          The entire planet is going mobile.  Smartphones experienced the fastest global diffusion of the history of mankind. One billion smartphones were sold in 2013. Nonexistent 5 years ago, they will be owned by 90% of humans in age to communicate in only 3 years. Can you stay away from the number onemedia ?

–          The most faithful companion of man.  Many studies show that the smartphone has become the most precious companion of men (and women). For example between being deprived of shoes for a week and be deprived of smartphone for the same period of time, a majority of Americans will keep their Smartphone

–          All your content at the fingertips of your clients.  Your applications are your digital representation. Load them with all of your content, vision, strategy, products, services, videos, links , references etc. . Your digital representation can be downloaded permanently by your customers and users on their smartphone or tablet. It is updateable at will in real time and without cost.

–          Your alerts in real time.  Send alerts every important event, special offers , news … Your key messages arrive onthe homepage of all smartphones on which your application is installed. Deliver security services, practical information, segment your alerts based on your public’s interest. You are entering an era of instant communication

–          A direct relationship without any intermediary.  The Smartphone is the only medium that allows you to communicate directly with your audience, without any intermediary. All your stuff is on their handset, your messages arrive on their home screen. Your communication is direct, you are not lost in a sea of brands on social networks, and are dependent person to communicate

–          Your brand shows continuously on the smartphones of your audience.  There is no possible comparison with a website, be it « mobile » and « responsive », which will disappears seconds after its opened in a browser closes. Your mobile app creates long lasting relationships !

–          Build your mobile audience.  Yes, your mobile audience is built gradually. The sooner you start, the more you increase your ability to influence your audience.

–          AppStoresare the new yellow pages.  With the Appstore’s new « Nearby » tab, Apple demonstrates it is moving the AppStore into the local directory field. Every company, business, organization and administration can now provide enriched information and services. Places are to be taken: First come, first served.

–          Your interactive services.  Technologies evolve very quickly and you will gradually provide more sophisticated servicesto your clients and users. Start today on scalable solutions and gradually build to differentiate yourself from competition.

–          Your sales catalog available to the public.  Smartphones are now the primary means of online purchase. With your M-Commerce application, offer an unparalleled experience for your customers to sell your products. With a few clicks they fill their shopping cart and order . Again, your early positioning is essential.

–   Your connected QR Code.  The best solutions offer a single QR code to download your applications. By scanning from any smartphone, your audience will be redirected to the application compatible with the device. They are invited to download the application and then join your mobile audience. Place your QR code on your business cards, brochures , posters, stickers , vehicles, website , promotional materials … Each added media will help create mobile capital


Mobile is unbeatable as a media. You are about to create a long lasting and permanent relationship with your audience, fueled by instant messages, leading to rich media (images , promotions , videos, news, etc. . )

Still not sure?Let it rest and give it a fresh look in a few days .

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